Cannondale Bad Boy 8 2008 Front Wheel Replacement.


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Hi guys,

I have a Cannondale Bad Boy 8 2008 which unfortunately had its front wheel and brake disc rotor stolen. I'm trying to find a wheel that will match as close as possible in appearance to the back but am finding it quite difficult to navigate the world of wheel / rim options and dimensions.

As far as I can see, my bike seems to more or less match this one online:

I think the original wheel was listed as 'Sun DS-2, 32-hole'. I'm doubtful of finding this exact wheel to match, unless you guys have any tips on where to track it down? Failing that, I was thinking of buying something similar to this:

Before I do though I have a couple of techy questions:
1 - The front axle is listed as 12x100. Would this fit my bikes forks?
2 - My Disc brake was also stolen and i think it was 6 bolt. This Mavic is listed as centre lock, does it matter what type I buy as long as it fits the braking system (Avid juicy)?
3 - Anything else to consider?


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