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West Yorkshire
Well ive decided to get a touring bike and have a choice of several i am interested in.

Can someone give me there opinion on which one they would get and why. Preferably someone who has had that bike themselves or knows someone

Thorn Sherpa
Dawes Galaxy
Ridgeback Panorama
Cannondale Tour classic
Salsa Fargo (bit too expensive if im honest but would consider the stretch if it was really worth it...)

It is a traditional tourer i am looking for 700c wheels and drops are a must. Tarmac'd roads only.
I just want it for lugging gear around along the normal roads i would ride my road bike.
Thanks for pointing that out Jugular

Thanks, Turbo.:rolleyes:


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The only one I can comment on properly is the Dawes Galaxy, because I have one.

I've had mine for 3 years now, done two 1000 mile tours on it and the daily commute to work. The bike has been nothing less than excellent. It handles well when fully loaded and with nothing on, it is built to last, and I have had zero mechanical problems (including zero punct**s). The galaxy will be absolutely fine for your touring needs, but then again so will the other bikes you've mentioned.
I think you need to ride as many in your list as you can ... i have a Ridgeback Panorama and think its an incredibly well put together bike and very comfy for long days in the saddle ... but you may hate it ?



right my two pence worth .i have the thorn sherpa and to be totally honest if you want to tour the planet in comfort i really don't think there's a better bike for the job.but if your just doing say week long tours carrying maybe two panniers plus barbag you don't need a bike like the sherpa imho.get yourself a van nichloas amazon it's light fast comfy expensive great reviews ,my next bike is the amazon when i can afford it.


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[Sorry if you're already very aware of the following] You've listed two very different styles of touring bike it's something that noone really pointed out to me before and it took me a while to realise what was meant by the two types.

-Traditional Tourers (ideal for touring in developed countries with well tarmaced roads): 700C, drops and a lightweight quick ride.
- Expedition Bikes (ideal for anything slightly rougher, even european tours that include trail riding): 26", flat bars with bar ends, heavier and bombproof bikes. Will still cruise nicely but will never be quick.

I don't really know what to call the Salsa Fargo with it's 29" wheels. It would appear to lose the speed of a 700C, by having wider tyres, and the resilience of a 26" wheel by being weaker (I assume from basic physics, but I could be wrong).

If you want to tour I would also advise taking a look at the options that open up if you consider trailers. You could travel light and load a trailer with all your gear, put a bar bag on your current favourite bike and get a stronger back wheel built and like magic you've got an excellent tourer. From research only, I'd advise the Extrawheel, many people like the Bob Yak though it seems expensive to me and you need more spares on tour.
If you'd prefer a larger load on two wheels (perhaps not best advised) Cyclone.

If you want a traditional tourer I'd give the Ridgeback and Dawes a test ride (preferably loaded), if you want an expedition bike I'd look at the Thorn Sherpa (or a Roberts Roughstuff if you're an unusual shape).


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Yes you do need to think about the kind of touring you want to do. There is ultralight European camping or hostelling and riding almost exclusively on tarmac. For that an audax style bike would be great. If you take more, and need more off road ability, get a 28 inch drop bar tourer such as the Galaxy. If you need more off road ability again, or want to ride in underdeveloped countries, get a 26 inch wheeled drop bar tourer with wider tyres like the Sherpa. For yet more off road ability, get a 26 inch straight bar tourer such as the Fahrradmanufactur T 400. You may also look at the Surly Long Haul Trucker.
I ride a 26 inch drop bar tourer. For fast rides with a moderate amount of gravel roads and lighter loads (15 kg max) I have Panaracer Pasela 26x1.75 tyres. I have just ordered a set of Schwalbe Marathon Extremes for a rough trip on gravel roads and worse in Norway this summer. 26 inch drop bar tourers are extremely versatile bikes. Fit them with 50 mm off road tyres and they can keep up with many atb's in most types of terrain (or almost). Fit them with light and fast road tyres and they are quite serious club racers (again, not quite). All in all I think for most camping holidays these are the ideal bikes, and adaptable to the circumstances. More than 28 inch tourers they give you decent off road or bad road ability, and that is very nice to have in a world with more and more cars. Fat tyre comfort matters on such roads.


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Turbo said:
Can someone give me there opinion on which one they would get and why. Preferably someone who has had that bike themselves or knows someone

So you're not asking a lot then.

The things to consider when choosing a touring bike:

- choice of handlebar type;
- choice of frame material;
- choice of brake type;
- (possibly) wheel diameter if touring outside Europe and North America;
- does it have enough tyre clearance?;
- does it have the necessary fittings to carry a pannier rack?
- the colour.


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My partner has a Ridgeback Panorama and is very pleased with it.
I have recently replaced my aged Orbit Gold Medal for a Aravis Super Tourist from Byercycles. I am also very pleased with this. The shop are great to deal with, can change things to your spec, I had a dynohub added as an extra and different tyres, came in at just over a £1000.
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