Can't get my grips to grip


Hi all,

I have recently chucked away my swept-back handlebar grips which I didn't like and tried to replace them with Ergon GC1 grips. Unfortunately, these grips won't err.. grip! I've screwed them tight to 5NM as labelled and they are twisting like twiggy at a 60s disco. I tried spraying hairspray but it didn't seem to help - though I might have used the wrong technique! :ohmy:

Any advice please?
Are you sure they're on far enough? You need to put them on so that the bars almost come out the other side before tightening the nut. If you don't, the locking collar hasn't got anything to grip on.

Made that mistake when fitting GP2 grips to my MTB.


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Late to the party here, but I had the same issue with a set of Ergon GP5’s.
Same cause and same solution 👍
In fact I pushed them on a little further so about 1mm of bar was showing past the grip body, just to be sure.
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