cantilever brakes - which levers?


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I'm a bit confused about which brake levers are compatible with what brakes based on cable pull rates etc?
I believe that Shimano STI levers don't work with v-brakes, but should work with mini V-brakes or cantilevers (as well as standard road calipers) - is that correct?

what confuses me is that Shimano claim that 2009 levers are not compatible with 2010 and later calipers, suggesting that a VERY minor difference in cable pull ration makes them not compatible - surely if this is really true then generalisations such as STI levers and cantilevers are compatible must actually be false in many cases!?

anyway I want to pair up SORA STI levers with Tektro CR720 cantis - is that smart?


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That should work, my Cannondale CAADX has Sora shifters and Tektro CR520's, the Tiagra version and above have 720's I believe.

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