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Morning all

Appreciate that this will be similar to a post people have seen 1000's of times....but here it goes...

I'm just about to dive into some serious road cycling and have a budget of around £1,000....(I really wish I had more to spend!)

Anyway, after some careful research I've narrowed my search down to the following:

I've got a Cube MTB and absolutely love it, so am leaning towards that (plus its carbon and a decent price on that website) but would appreciate people's thoughts!


Whichever fits you best and rides the nicest on your test ride.


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What everyone else said - I have a Cube (a Litening) and it is a fantastic bike which fits me well. If it didn't fit me well though, I probably wouldn't think it was so great...

Basically, the fit is important, probably more so than the frame material and kit. My Cube is pretty racy in it's layout with a low and stretched position that would not suit everyone, so a test of the fit is essential.

If it fits, the Cube all day long, they are well made and well specced, as well as looking good.


For balance, I may take the Canyon.

It's the same weight, and given generally speaking the parts are better on the Cube, it tells me that the frame on the canyon is lighter.

So, for a £200 saving, I'd take the Canyon, upgrade the wheels (whilst selling off the Aksiums) and end up with a lighter bike for the same money.


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The Canyon is just that bit more exclusive IMO. That would be my choice. I love the cube too, its fab.


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CUBE for me all the way.

I have the Peloton Race (Aluminium) with full 105.

The Litening that @cbs owns is the 'Race' geometry road bike with a shorter head tube etc, the Agree falls between Race & Sportive & it's a lovely bike.

I notice it deviates from Ultegra in the chain set (unusual for Cube) but still great value.

@400bhp is most probably right on that the Alu framed Canyon frame is lighter, they do make very, very light frames.

If I had around £1500 instead of £1k, then I would go Canyon carbon instead.


My two pence worth (but cant really add too much to what has been said).
As I understand it Cube give more "bang for the money" than most.
Carbon frame (if a decent one) is absorbes more road vibration (and I believe Cube have good carbon frames).
Ultegra as against 105s..........not sure at our level we would notice the difference but Ultegra are definitely better.
As others have said.......sit on them........ride them if possible.
Get the one that fits you best.
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