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I would recommend Thule products. Not cheap I have to say, but very well made.

Tip : Opt for the more expensive aero bars over the std square shaped ones, The aero ones don't make horrible noises when traveling at speed. :biggrin:

I use two of the Outride 561 bike carriers. These are the ones that you have to remove the front wheel and the bike then attaches to the carrier via the forks.

The beauty is also that you can keep the aero bars and carriers and just buy new roof mounting adaptors when you buy another car....simples init!.


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I'm in a similar position to the OP, I have a beetle (new shape) and don't want to put a roof rack on, what do you guys thing of those clamp on the back type racks? Any good? anything to watch out for?


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Globalti said:
Buy an estate car and put the bikes inside.
Don't carry back seat passengers. Put the back seats down in your hatchback, take wheels off bikes and put inside.

I had a rear rack for a time and didn't get on with it. Admittedly it was a Halfdros cheapie. Was more hassle to fit onto the car than my preferred method as above! And you don't get all the road crud sprayed over your bike when it rains.


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At the moment, that's what I am doing, but it is a PITA. I can just about get the bike in the beetle with the seats down, but if I wanted to take the wife and her bike as well there would be no chance.
Hadn't thought about all the road crud.
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