car value vs. bike value

Discussion in 'CycleChat Cafe' started by Abitrary, 23 Feb 2008.

  1. Abitrary

    Abitrary New Member

    Whose bikes are worth more than their car(s)?

    Let's say bike price new vs. current car value.

    My 8 year old ford focus is probably worth a bit over a grand, which is about the same as my bikes new.

  2. LordoftheTeapot

    LordoftheTeapot Veteran

    Never had a car
  3. trustysteed

    trustysteed Guest

    my audi a6 cost me 5G's, my Giant SCR 2.0 cost me £500.

    that seems about right to me.
  4. Hilldodger

    Hilldodger Über Member

    sunny Leicester

    Most of my motorbikes are worth between £1,000 and £2000, My Capri is worth about £850 but I'm not sure about the H van in its current state of restoration. Probably £500/600. But all are increasing in value.

    Most of my bikes are worth up to £100/200 but some, like my Penny, are over £1000.
  5. Tim Bennet.

    Tim Bennet. Entirely Average Member

    S of Kendal
    It's not kindness that dictates our bikes are cosseted in the garage while the car fends for itself on the drive.
  6. simoncc

    simoncc New Member

    My Fiesta is worth about £850. I know that because my nephew has just offered me that for it. My MTB is newish and worth about £1500. My road bike and my tourer both cost more than £850 new but they are well used. My spare MTB, spare tourer and my town/shopping bike bike would not make £850 for all three if I sold them but they'd cost more than £850 to replace.
  7. My car was worth £7000 new, Ive no idea now, its 11 yr old, my Bianchi was £1400 last May, my Sirrus was £500 2 yrs ago and my Ridgeback bought in March '07 was £300
  8. ash68

    ash68 New Member

    my 13 year old vx astra is worth around £350
    summer bike giant TCR 2 cost £1000 new 4 years ago
    Winter bike giant scr3 cost £400 1 one month ago
    commuter bike, spesh tricross £700 new 2 years ago
    What would I rather have new bike or new car? no contest, use the bikes much more than the car. Around 3,000 miles a year in the car, around 10,750 miles on my colection of bikes.
  9. gavintc

    gavintc Guru

    Slightly unfair, but when I put my carbon Bianchi into my 2nd car (2CV) it triples the value. My main car is a Toyota Avensis and I reckon my bike is roughly 33% of the value of the car.
  10. OP

    Abitrary New Member

  11. gbb

    gbb Legendary Member

    Peterborough you've reminded me about the dreaded depreciation. Thanks Arbitrary...thanks a lot ;):biggrin:
    Car cost me £6.5K when it was 2 or 3 years old. Ive had it 3 years or so...probaby isnt worth £2K now. Still hasnt done 60K miles...and its about 7 years old. great monetary value on mine...
    Trek 7.1 FX cost £375 its worth maybe £100
    Bianchi Via Nirone cost £550 its worth maybe £200
    Raleigh Chimera cost £225 new...worth less than £100 i guess
    Raleigh Clubman...cost £ it even worth that , (to anyone else that is) ????:biggrin:

    The reality is, depreciation applys just the same
  12. OP

    Abitrary New Member

    I just can't imagine 20 or 30 years ago someones bike being worth as much as a car, which is a hugely more complex thing.

    If you take a step back, isnt it crazy? Youve got the indians now producing a TaTa car which costs the same as an entry level carbon roadbike.

    Forget about the 100 dollar computer for africa, we need the 50 dollar bike for the rest of the world.
  13. stevenb

    stevenb New Member

    South Beds.
    I paid £580 for my car.
    I paid £850 for my Felt bike at a discounted price.
    My new bike is worth over 4 times that of my car.
    My Trek to me is worth £350 2nd hand.
  14. Plax

    Plax Veteran

    My sister gave me her old Corsa for the price of 6 months tax. According to a used car valuation it's worth £495 in a private sale, or £345 trade. My bike was £299.99 new, but I paid £160 for it in a sale. So car only worth slightly more than the bike I think!
  15. OP

    Abitrary New Member

    This is more like it...
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