Carbon repair or Damage/superficial paint?!

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Hey guys!

I have just received this bike from a good eBay seller - lots of sold bikes, good feedback etc.

I am a bit concerned about this area of the head tube/headset.

To me it looks like once upon a time it’s snapped and been repaired and painted over badly.

Seller (who just resells bikes) is confident this is just damaged/chipped paint with a bad paint job over to try cover it up.

Both seem possible to me. I can see how above the visible ‘line’ it looks like the paint has just chipped away. However I can also see how it looks like a crack repair.

I’m on the fence here, Please let me know your thoughts!!



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:welcome: Probably OK but why take the risk? Lots more bikes out there to buy (infer this is what you mean by "received"). Or was this flaw fairly described, in which case: ride on. If this is cosmetic it's only an aesthetic issue. If it's not the frame is worth as much as some other punter will pay.
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Looks unlikely to me too.

Thats strange, it makes me wonder if its been dropped and landed on the bars, perhaps when loading the bike onto the top of a car or something similar.
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