Carboot bargains


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To be fair, you more often than not see nothing...but this last couple of weeks has seen some bargains...

Pair of Knipex (a very good make) cable cutters, used but in good nick...50p. New cost anywhere between £20 and £40. Tried em, they cut cables like butter :tongue:

Canyon Multitool, brand new, still in its wrapping, label indicates it was £7.99...50p

Topeak Pocket Rocket pump, still packaged, just missing its bracket...£1.50

2x clipon LED lights, both working...20p each

Wese Roadrace minipump, used but good, no brackets....£1

Also saw this week..
Pair of Mavic MTB wheels, 8 speed (by the looks) with a singlespeed conversion. The guy wanted £25 the pair...i have no use for them. If i did...i'd have been very very happy.

Raleigh Granada ladies dropbar with Reynolds 531 frame....ok condition for its age...£30. The wife was half interested, but a bit too small.

Trouble is, the bits i really want...nothing doing :biggrin:


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Sounds like a good haul. I'm sure your wife was delighted!

(You could probably have doubled if not tripled your money on that Granada with a half-decent listing on ebay.)
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