Carlton Courette 531 mixte, 21"

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    Carlton mixte, made in 1983. Seat tube 53cm C-T, virtual top tube c.55cm c-c.


    This is one of the last Courettes made (see after Raleigh had taken over Carlton.

    Good condition – has the usual marks and scratches as would be expected on a bike of this age, especially on the steel pannier rack, but any rust spots I found on the frame have been treated (though I haven’t found a touch-up paint in a suitable colour!). I converted this from drops to flat bars as I originally planned to use it for commuting – however, I just haven’t ridden it very much at all (probably 20 miles at most), as I prefer to use my hybrid which is a bit more versatile for the riding I do.

    Very pretty, and would make a great town bike – sadly I don’t have the space to keep it, and it feels a bit small for me (I’m 5’7” so it would probably be best for someone a little smaller, though I have fitted a longer seatpost so that I could ride it – the original one was ridiculously short). If I had lots of space, I’d probably keep it just because it’s so lovely!

    • 53cm frame – Reynolds 531 (but main tubes only)
    • 12 speed gears – Suntour derailleurs (VX rear, 7 front), with new handlebar-mounted friction thumbshifters
    • Sakae Super Custom chainset (52/42)
    • Weinmann 27 x 1 ¼ polished alloy rims on Malliard hubs
    • Weinmann centrepull brakes
    • New Schwalbe amberwall tyres
    • New cables

    Bad bits:
    • Mudguards are a bit wonky and have a slight tendency to rub on tyre. Might be possible to replace the stays, though.
    • Gears probably need minor fettling as it’s been in the shed for a while.
    • Adjustable stem is ugly. Can provide the one it came with instead (which is steel, pretty high and very short).

    £120 collected from York. Have plenty more pics I can upload if there is interest. (Advertised on another forum too.)
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