Carradice Barley

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Carbon fibre... LMAO!!!
They are actually designed to swing from the loops and seatpost. What you may find though is that it might swing at an angle where things are at risk of falling out of the pockets. Depends on how far back your saddle is. The backs of your thighs might also hit the bag.
Try it and see how you find it. Won't do any harm.
Depends how much seatpost you've got showing, they do have a bottom loop and strap but I found it set the 'Camper Longflap' I've got at a funny angle. I just used a rack to support the bottom


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I hang my Barley from the saddle rails of my Selle SMP with the supplied leather straps. I didn’t bother buying the adapters. No need. It rests on a Bagman Sport because I have a small frame size and I am a neat freak.

This has worked out to be more stable than when it went through the loops on my Brooks C17.

Used it on rides over 500km. Love it.



I wouldn't want to go far with even the smaller of mine just attached by the saddle loops. I have a nitto mini pannier rack (r10 if memory serves) and it sits nicely on it.

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I used to have a barley and did London Edinburgh London 13 with it just attached via loops. It did rub on back of legs though. I move back to a rack and rack pack these days .


I use a carradice audax bag. You'll be thankful of the clips rather than buckles when you are tired, cold and wet.
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Did you get Peter Sagan to park your bike for you?


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I wouldn't want my (super c audax) barley just hung from the seat loops, as it would want to swing forward and catch my legs.

An added bonus with the bagman is the opportunity to add a rear light to the carrying frame.



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My barley works fine hanging from the straps. They are plenty strong enough to support a loaded Barley. I use a home made tube to keep a distance between the bag and the back of my legs. A bit Blue Peter. Strong cardboard tube covered with black electricians- tape and a long toestrap threaded through and fastened around the seat-post. I can even carry a spare tube inside the tube. Done an overnight hostel ride with it more than once.


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Here’s mine. It is pretty good, I’d prefer a longer internal snow flap but I get round that using a bag to stop small items spilling out when the flap is open.


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I used mine with the support frame of an R&K Contour bag. Much lighter than a Bagman.
Although more recently I've gone to an Alpkit Koala, lighter again, more streamlined, and more adaptable to changing volume needs.


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I'd recommend, as others have done, going for a bagman frame (either QR or normal) as it just offers that bit more stability for the bag and the contents. I think mine is the Nelson longflap but it's lasted since before LEL2013 and is still in good nick
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