carradice luggage

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after this weekends successful but ugly bivy trip done with bungi cords and dry bags im looking at carradice bags having looked closely at a couple of barleys and super Cs at the weekend

specifically the camper longflap - on the basis that you cant never have enough room but you can underfill a large bag and it would be good for work/dotting about town rather than my monster panniers

first question does it flap around like a windsock on the rear when half empty ? and
secondly what exactly do i need to buy - i have brooks saddles on my bikes - but i have aero profile seat pins - its been suggested that i get an under bag support for such a large bag but as i see it these seem to run from the seat pin which wont work as mine are aero.


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A larger Carradice bag that's under filled will tend to sag over the sides of the rack or whatever support you use.

I've just done a 12 day tour with a Camper Longflap (tent, sleeping bag, mat, waterproofs, tools, undressing into space) and 2 front low riders (kitchen and clothes). The Longflap was fitted on a Bagman QR, which clamps to the saddle rails behind the saddle clamp (about 15mm of rail required, as judged by how far forward you can slide the saddle from its normal position).
The support is quite springy, and with a heavy load the saddlebag can bounce a fair bit. It didn't have any real effect on the bike handling, but I ended up fitting a rubber bumper to stop it bashing too hard against the mudguard on the rougher tracks.


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