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    Here is just one randomly chosen link:

    I have two rear and two front overlanders, both in the ornage and black option because I felt they were more visable on the road than the green black option.

    These bags are just what I needed. They are cheaper than the ortliebs, but they are not water proof. Instead these are 98% waterproof imho. They have an inner liner and I can report that it took the heaviest of contiunued downpours over several days until the inside of the canvass even started to get damp. I wouldnt expect dry kit if these fell in the lake, but in a storm your kit will stay dry.There are sufficiant places to tie bits on and a useful (if somewhat tight) side net pocket. The rear light strap is useful as well.

    I have the old style fittings because these are the only type that fitted onto my front blackburn low rider racks. The newer style clips do not fit those racks( but I am sure they fit most other racks).

    These bags seem built to last, the clips and fastenings are good quality. I carry between 20 to 25 kilos in these and they easily cope with those weights. I have enough space for all I would need for a long camping tour.

    My dealings with Carradice during the pre order stages were good. They were helpful honest and freindly. Our discussions centred around the type of clips for my racks, and their advice was excellent.

    These bags have no zips ro go wrong which I like, however it is also impossible to fix a small padlock on them.

    Each bag has a carry handle/strap and I find that i can carry all four bags my these handles at the same time.

    I also have the matching bar bag, which is made of the same materials with a stiff inner body though. It has a plastic map holder which is ok, but to be honest my maps got soaked through in the rain as the velcro fastener is only on the front edge leaving the sides exposed to the rain somewhat. It has an inner zip pocket for credit cards etc and outer mesh pockets, which are very tight and hard to get much inside them. The clip lock fixes well to the bars, however I still tie the bag on to the bars as well because I keep my valuables in it and I dont want a theif unclipping it. This bag does have a front reflective diamond shape on it, which is good, however I would prefer it to have provision for a front light to be attached.

    The bags do all they claim to do and I am happy I bought them.
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