Carradice Prima Maxi

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    Cost: £25
    Bought: Feb. 08

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    This is a 5 litre day bag which is 3 litres down on the Super C. It isn't quite big enough for overnights unless you are a very light packer.

    Day rides is exactly what I bought it for though. It's large enough to carry a small flask, lunch, a waterproof, tools, a lock and a couple of other bits and bobs. So if like me, cafe stops are a bit sparse or you want to picnic, it's ideal. It has an external mesh pocket on one side and a zip pocket on the other. It also has a rear reflective band and an attachment for an LED light.

    Attachment is via the saddle bag loops or rails, the seatpost and the rear stays. I've found it to be pretty solid and stable.

    So what's not to like: Well, I wish they'd done it in black rather than just green but that's minor. The biggest problem is getting the saddle loop straps through the buckles provided. I always need to tease mine through with the aid of a flat penknife blade. I don't know why Carradice can't improve this, it wouldn't be difficult.

    I can't comment on the waterproofness yet but I will update the thread when I can. My guess is, in heavy rain plastic bags would be useful but light showers wouldn't penetrate.

    Once again, if you have one, PM your comments and I'll include them in this review.
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