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hi first timer looking for some advice , have been reading posts and comments on carrera bikes and more 2 the point Halfords , the comments havent been great towards halfords but while looking for a bike on ebay the thing that comes across is that carrera bikes are that they have the same spec and use the same components as most of the other makes ie trek , giant ,etc , my point and question is it just the set up at halfords to be wary of or am imissing something ? i realise that the frame is obviously halfords own brand , any advice would be appreciated ,

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I commute on an old Carrera, its perfectly fine, the only problem I've ever had with it is the way it came setup out of the shop.
Some Halford stores have great staff that pay a great deal of attention to the bikes their sending out, mine wasn't one of those.

If you can index the gears and adjust brakes there nice bikes


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Carrera hybrid bikes (Crossfire and subway) are very good for the price. They don't come with the best parts but then again they are not that expensive. My wife and I both use them and they are pretty much trouble free.


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I have a Carrera bike from halfords, Got the bike in august, have to give it 10/10. all I have done to the bike is swap the pedals over for spd-sl pedals. I would recommended it.
Bought one in September - lovely bike. There's usually plenty of reviews out there so you can make up your mind too. I went for the Virago - apparently the carbon frame is a little compliant at the rear when really putting the hammer down - but as I'm not a sprinter it wasn't an issue for me. My Halfords also allowed me to ride the bike before buying to - so I got an idea of the fit.

To take out the uncertainty of whether you get a good store or not just ask for the bike "in box" and straighten the handlebars/put the saddle on/put the pedals on yourself.
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