Carrera subway 2 - disc forks and wheel upgrades advice please


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Hi - having written off the front of my subway 2 I need to either replace like for like the front forks, wheel and rotor or upgrade. As I have to work on a budget does anyone have any advice with regards whats avialble by way of upgrading and how to go about it, or is it best to go with the std setup?


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Depends on what you want to do and if you were happy with the old setup. If you're working to a budget you're options are a little limited. Try asking yourself these questions 1 - was the old set up OK, do I need to upgrade ?
or do I just want a new toy [nothing wrong with that, we all love new gadgets, just be honest with yourself]. 2 - do I need new bits or will used ones do ? 3 - how much can I spend ?
You may find it's cheaper to buy a second hand carrera and strip it for the forks then keep / sell on the rest as spares or sell yours for spares and put the cash to a higher spec bike.
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