Carrera TDF headset bearings??


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I am getting some play in the headset of my Carrera TDF and can someone help me with which bearings I need for it??


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In what way do you mean play , is the stem cap tight enough ( not overtight ) or does it feel rough to turn .


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If I apply the brake and rock back and forward there is movement at the base of the stem near the front brake. I have tighten the stem but still the same.


ok - I wasn't expecting that. Don't loosen the handle bar bolts - loosen the bolts that hold the stem onto the steerer.


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I have just replaced mine today with

It states it is for the OD of 50mm but the carrera is 49mm. It just means the plastic bit that is on the bottom (that originally came on the bike) is a bit snug. It was the closest match I could find though. Someone else may know better.
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