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  1. Does anyone know if these are any good.........please say yes:whistle: Just been to Halfords and ordered one, should be with me on monday.
    I did look in the local specialist bike shop but all they had were very low end or ultra high end bikes with nothing in between, so off I went to halfords to look at the Boardman range but never made it to the Boardmans, the carbon frame and 105 specced Virago just seemed so right.......just need to order some 105 pedals now:biggrin:
  2. No idea personally, I don't do carbon.

    There's a good review of it HERE though. Only negatives seem to be the wheels, but all manufacturers scrimp on wheels, it's one of the simplest ways they have to bring bikes in at a certain price point, and the rear end has a bit of flex apparently, but it does say this would only be an issue if you are sprinting hard out of the saddle.

    And another good review HERE, again just commenting on the 'soft frame' and 'heavy' wheels.

    So all in all a decent sounding buy for the money.

    A lot of people would be reluctant to spend that money with Halfords IME, preffering more recognised brands like Giant, Specialized, Ribble, Planet X and Focus, BUT, the RoadCC review above does claim the Virago holds it own against offerings from Ribble and Planet X, and that's no mean feat in itself.
  3. So sounds like a decent bike for the money, just add some decent wheels and probably a chainset and its a good un
  4. The frame will always be a bit 'soft' though, but unless you plan to race, and unless you're a heavy rider, (like me :whistle:), then it should be fine.

    That said, a rule I always try to use when buying a bike is, buy the very best frame you can in your budget. Everything else is easily upgradeable, the frame isn't, (for the average Joe anyway).
  5. That said, a rule I always try to use when buying a bike is, buy the very best frame you can in your budget. Everything else is easily upgradeable, the frame isn't, (for the average Joe anyway).[/quote]

    Now there's common sense advice, often overlooked I'll bet. You can spread the component upgrades over a period of time too.
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  6. I am planning on using it for long(ish) rides but nothing where a sprint would be needed so the rear stays should be fine for long as it isnt too noticeable on steep climbs, I can always switch to the Boardman team with a bit of persuasion on monday when I go to collect
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  8. TBH that might be a good idea, simply because, despite the reviews of the Vieago the Boardman's are always well regarded. Lots of CCers have them too and I've never heard a bad word about them IIRC :smile:

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  9. The Team is alloy Smokeysmoo and the Virago is carbon and does what I really need, what I need right now is someone who has ridden both and can give a review of both as I will probably come home on monday with the one I dont want.........I am like almost everyone here and when I see a hill I will attack it with all the power I have left and then limp home and then attack the last few hundred metres as a sprint............even though I am not a hillclimber or sprinter, it just has to be done..........:ohmy:.........even at my age
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    Beyond the reviews, I couldn't really comment, other than to say that Halfords must be confident in the bike as that's what they were using in the 'Tour of Francis'.
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    The carreras are good budget bikes so im sure the carbon one will be good too just buy it ride it and enjoy it^_^
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  12. You are and are'nt ispiring confidence..........going to go with my first instinct and get the carbon, if its rubbish I will let you know and have it on ebay rather fast and buy something that fits the bill better, but if its good I will let all the Heretics know.......:laugh:
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    The Virago is a lovely looking bike. All Carreras are pretty decent for the price. They're made by Merida, I believe.
  14. Now your talking my language. I'd rather gave good aluminium rather than budget carbon.

    To each their own, I'm sure you'll enjoy it :smile:

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    i bought the team a few week's back,i have to say it is a excellent bike for 1k.
    very fast and lightweight,it is defo on a par with my full carbon cube GTC race,although the cube has Ultegra groupset fitted.
    The virago looks a decent bike with good kit for the money,out off the 2 if I had a choice I would go for the team.
    I have a Carrera TDF which serves me very well as my winter bike so for me carreras are good bike's for the the money.
    I guess at the end off the day it down to personal choice.....^_^
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