Cassette and Chain Wear?


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Next week, I'm going to be cycling John O'Groats to Land's End, so I took the bike to Beeline Cycles in Oxford for a service yesterday. It's a 1.5 yr old Boardman Comp, done approx 2500 - 3000 miles. They mentioned that the chain and cassette looked worn and might need replacing. Does this seem normal? I don't mind replacing them if they really need doing, but it just seems a bit soon.




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Certainly feasible


They usually say that!

That said, if there's no chain slip I'd think about getting a new chain/cassette for the summer and then put the old pair to winter use.


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Do you grind gears, or do you sit and spin. If you do the latter your chain and cassette will last longer


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It would sensible to replace the chain and cassette before setting out on a LEJoG if you have already done over 2500 miles, given that much wear it will give trouble before you reach John o Groats, and you really wouldn't want it to fail somewhere north of Inverness 50 miles from the nearest bike shop. Lets face it a Shimano HG53 Chain is only a tenner and cassette less than twenty, it is not going to break the back is it, added to which 2500 - 3000 miles is about the lifespan of cheap chains and cassettes, after all we are not talking about a KMC Chain and a Ultegra cassette, are we.


+1, change the set before the trip. Keeping the oldies for winter or commuting duties is a good idea too. I recently changed a chain on my about-town bike, usually I get 3 or 4 chains to a cassette. Not this time, it skipped so I put the old one back and I'll run it till it drops to bits. The chainring is an old steel one from a junked bike so I'm not concerned about that either. There's a difference though between my shopping/pub/casual rides bike and something you intend to flog 60 or 70 miles a day with gear on for a fortnight.
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