Castelli Perfetto XXXL Short Sleeve Foul Weather Jersey - £30


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I have bought a few used Gabbas over the last few months an love them, so I treated myself to this, however it is a little more race cut than I like and it has not been worn by me. It was used when I bought it but in very good condition.

I don't know if they have a few versions of this, the material is softer than on the Gabba with a little more stretch, but it has all the tech needed for a foul weather jersey and in an ideal colour for the commute.

Before it goes on vinted anyone fancy it?

£30 in including post by Evri.

PP or Bank Transfer

I'll get better pictures if you need when I have some better light.






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I'll give it a go. It might be a bit tight but happy to risk it for £30! I'll PM you.
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