Cateye V3 Triple Wireless

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    South Beds.
    What a computer for the money!
    I bought mine from Phil Corley Cycles in Milton Keynes.
    My bike was in the shop for its first free service when I got that to fit it.
    I paid £100 (it was £110 but they let me off the £10.) and they fitted it and set it up for free. They even supplied and fitted the Mavic spoke magnet required for free. The Mavic magnet is able to clamp around the fatter spokes of my Fulcrum 1's which the standard Cateye magnet couldn't do.

    Plus the spoke magnet picks up off the rear wheel and the sender unit clamps onto your stay with the same unit reading your cadence.
    Bonus for all you turbo trainer riders (like me) out there.

    Cadence, Speed and Heart rate are the wireless functions.
    The Heart rate strap needs wetting (rub some spit on the sensor) before fitting it to your body so the sensor will pick up the signal.

    The wireless functions work perfectly.
    The display is very clear and it covers all you need on your ride out.
    Current, Average and Max of the above 3 functions.

    You can store programs, set Lap distances and use these to compare on your current ride.
    The stem clamp is spot on.....with no cable ties required.

    Its not SatNav or Garmin but it is a quality product from Cateye and worth the extra £10 over the V2 model (which doesn't have the heart rate monitor).

    9/10 (nothing is perfect otherwise it'd be a 10/10) :smile:

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