Chain Degreaser

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I want to get a BIG bottle of this stuff for as little cash as poss...where/what is it? I have a gizmo to run the chain through already but I ran out of liquid and the replacement is expensive I feel...I need to degrease almost every day at the moment and so I want to buy 'bulk' as it were.

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White spirit does the job at a fraction of the cost of any specific product


white spirit is ok but not brilliant , i would recommend gunk pay a few quid more but does a far better job.


Unleaded petrol is even better and leaves less residue than white spirit. Just don't light a cigarette for a while after you've used it.
Its no secret that I shun degreaser, aside from the health implications of exposing yourself to volatile compounds it will wreck your chain.

If your chain is getting so manky that it requires degreasing you are clearly applying too much or using the wrong lube. Or both.

Just lube and thouroughly wipe once every few days. Job done.


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I ride it everyday rain or shine it gets dirty...I suppose from the lube and road grime...all I know is that my legs are covered in cog wheel shapes in a fetching shade of black.


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Just wrap some kitchen roll around the chain and run it around a few times, that will get most of the crap off the outside. No way should you be degreasing daily. Monthly maybe, but certainly not daily. I am more in Mickles camp, I never degrease, just re-lube and wipe clean.


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I'd have thought too much lubricant will actually attract dust and debris BTFB.
Personally, i spray the chain liberally with WD or similar and wrap round a cloth round the chain while turning the cranks. This brings out a lot of crud.

Luckily i work in a workshop, so have everything and more to hand...this is what i do...
Once a month (roughly), chain off, spray with penetrant them blast thoroughly with a high pressure airline.
You wouldnt believe how much crud comes out of a chain.
You wouldnt want to do this on your drive, you have a huge grey / black mark from the oil / crud.

After reading others posts here, ive taken to regular but light application of WD or similar as a lubricant. Its been working very well, and the chain does stay cleaner.

At the end of the winter, i remove the chain and soak in a tub of industrial cleaner, bow out with an airline, apply WD, blow out again, then apply WD again. Even this only takes 15 minutes, but the chain looks new.

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Coke (the drink!) DOES have a use (well, the bottle anyway).

What's wrong with white spirit in a 2 litre coke bottle? Just pour in a suitable quantity (about half a litre), lower your chain into it, screw on the cap and do the hippy hippy shake. You can then hook it out with a bit of wire or an old spoke, hang it up to dry, job done. Just check out the white spirit in the bottle next day. There will be a thick dollop of gunge at the bottom.

I would strongly caution against Number 14's suggestion of petrol, not only because of the danger of fire, but petrol contains benzene which is a powerful carcinogen.;)


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So why are there so many chain cleaning kits on the market. Are they just a con?

I've always just cleaned mine with a rag, but keep wondering whether I should invest in a one of them gadgets.

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Dannyg said:
So why are there so many chain cleaning kits on the market. Are they just a con?

I've always just cleaned mine with a rag, but keep wondering whether I should invest in a one of them gadgets.
Because people like "clean" chains.
Dirty oily chains do often look gritty and nasty on the outside, it seems obvious to cean that stuff off to reduce wear. But as Mickle points out in another thread, the wear is INSIDE the chain, not outside. Its the pins that wear most and cause the chain to 'stretch'. Degreasing effectively remove lubrication from the pins, it's then hard to get lube back in.
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