Chain Gangs..


Do they do anything for you exactly ?

...they feel like you bang your head against a brick wall for 2 hours ? orso...

Though upon puncturing just before the sprint ;) - I was only pleased to have made it round this time.....

I got off the local expressway down an embankment and onto a 'normal' country lane sort of' and whilst fixing it some lady, it turns out, turns the car around and pulls up "need any help - need a mobile", no ok thanks = was expecting to be bundled into the back of the bloody car but turns out it was just nothing though made me wonder a bit. Like what woman would ask a bloke on a fine evening if he was ok...bizarre.

Keith Oates

Penarth, Wales
Could be that she is also a cyclist and was trying to help, on the other hand maybe.................................!!!!!!!!!


Blonde said:
Get your coat, you've pulled!

Were you bent double over the bike at the time perchance? ;- )

Yes I was actually and noticed the car slow down fast then turn around !
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