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Hi guys,

New to cycling so apologies if this is a really obvious question, but having problems with the chain.

For some reason, I can only use the 6th/7th gear and the 2nd/3rd. Any time I try and use the others the chain either falls off or keeps clicking and doesn't flow properly.

Recently cleaned the chain with soap and water after it was getting a bit rusty and also used some oil from asda that wasn't specific to bikes (but said suitable for)

Any ideas on what to do? Not enjoyable riding like this!


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Two things : Gear indexing, don't know what kind of gear system you have but it could need to be indexed such that each gear position is aligned correctly with the sprockets on the cassette /hub.

Chain maintenance, some people only ever use GT85 spray, some will only use a specific bicycle chain lube, but not many will give it the soap and water treatment, it's good to keep a chain clean, wiping off the chain with a relatively clean rag can be all that's needed, followed by light lubrication. Too much lubricant can collect dirt and dust and cause more problems.


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Hi there Newbie1987,

As The Mikey says, your problem could possibly be the gear indexing or the chain. I have a YouTube channel with loads of bike maintenance films, including how to adjust your rear mech and how to clean your chain. I've included a link to the film about cleaning your chain but please have a look at the channel itself for the film about how to adjust your rear derailleur as it will sort out any indexing problems that you may have. Good luck.



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How old is the bike, chain etc, as the sprockets you are having problems with are normally the most used it could easily be a wear problem.


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Try for a new chain for a start and lube with whatever takes your fancy [chain saw oil, engine oil, Asda's own, GT 85 will all be better than nothing, Although in VERY dry environments some run chains dry - sadly not a prob we seem to have over here much].
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