Chain slipping under load


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I switched my mountain bike back from singlespeed to geared a few weeks ago. Every now and then, usually when accelerating from a stop, the chain slips. What would be causing this? The chain and cassette are both new.
Thanks in advance!

Smokin Joe

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Check the chain for a stiff link.


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I go with Steve with the freehub.
If the chain and cassette are new, it ony leaves the chainrings and freehub.
As an example, FWIW, my Raleigh chainrings have done 3500 miles plus and are showing wear...but dont slip under load.

Yet...the freehub on my Bianchi was slipping a bit a while ago...not that much mileage done...but then again, it hasnt done it for ages.
Smokin Joe said:
Check the chain for a stiff link.

to do this if you dont know put the chain in the small ring and turn the peddles back words and if you see the chain jump thats it. To fix hold the chain on the side in both hands like you are trying to snap it and try and fiex it. If solved lube chain and job done

Landslide said:
Worn chainring?

have a look at the chainrings and cassette if your down there for any that look anything like shark's teeth. If so change it

Steve Austin said:
broken freehub is my guess

And to see if the freehub is broken or on the way out. Get hold of the cassette and see if it rocks from top to bottom if so you need a new one but take the wheel in to your LBS to see.

p.s. freehubs start at £14 upword i think a xtr is around £59!


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You might even find that your rear derailleur is not set up properly and the chain is trying to jump to another sprocket.
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