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chainset spacer

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by jackthelad, 16 Sep 2012.

  1. jackthelad

    jackthelad Well-Known Member

  2. What chainset are we talking about here? Shimano Hollowtech presumably. If so - the thick spacer goes on the axle.
  3. jackthelad

    jackthelad Well-Known Member

    Hi pete its an ultegra 6603 chainset fitted with spacer driveside and on the non driveside spacer with black plastic spacer 5mm.When I ran it by the lbs the guy recon a 2mm spacer would be better,so looking at the above link is this what I am looking for
  4. There are two types of spacer - the one you refer to is to adjust the MTB BB for different bottom bracket shell sizes. They fit between the cups and the shell.

    If you have a Shimano road BB and a 68mm BB shell there are no spacers on the cups.

    There should be a 6.5mm spacer on the drive side axle and a 3mm spacer on the non drive side as per tech docs - these adjust the chainline.


    Your chainline should be 45mm - that is the distance between the centre of the seat tube and the middle ring - you can easily check this.
  5. jackthelad

    jackthelad Well-Known Member

    Pete you are a wee gem that doc clears up everything,I had the spacer on the drive side but the local bike mechanic was under the impression that the chainset was too far out from the frame and told me to place it on the non driveside i will need to run this doc past him .I will check the distance of 45mm just to clarify thanks again
  6. jackthelad

    jackthelad Well-Known Member

    seems the guy was right checked the middle ring distance to centre of seat tube and it is spot on 45mm