Chainset spacing - 8 vs 9 speed ?

I've worn out the middle chainring of my triple chainset, and I'm having trouble finding a replacement. I have an 8-speed cassette on my tourer, but all i can find are ads for chainrings and sets described as "9-speed".

Is there any actual difference between a triple chainsets and individual rings designed to work with a 9-speed cassette and those for an 8-speed?

Front derailleur is a Shimano FD-2303, if that makes any difference.
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I think that the internal width of 8 and 9 speed chains are the same, but 9 speed chains are skinnier on the outside. I'll have a search and check.

If so, it suggests that you would be fine with a "9 speed" labelled chain ring.


Yep it'll work fine. I run a 9 speed inner chainring on an 11 speed road bike no problem at all - the internal width of an 8/9 speed chain is the same so there is no incompatibility.


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I use a 9 speed DA chain on my 8 speed DA - couldn't buy the 8 speed at the time, but as it's slightly narrower externally, you get less front mech rub.
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