Changed my goal posts!


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I started cycling last July, my goal was to ride to work by spring, I did that by September. Next goal was to ride a 60 mile sportive in August this year, still going to, but brought my challenge forward to 1st March to do a 50 mile sportive. Kids are going to Grandma's, hubby and I are doing this together.
I have now managed just over 900 miles, got a super cool road bike, so here goes nothing.
Only slightly disappointed, as I had an impromptu week off work this week, but the weather is against me. I had planned to go out every morning and do 20 miles whilst youngest was at nursery, but the snow and ice has stopped me so far. Fingers crossed for the rest of the week.


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Eat and drink plenty, pace yourself wisely, and you should have a great ride - have fun!

I hope that you get a nice day for it.


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Riding in winter is tough. But if you don't get put off by the days when there is snow and ice, you get a good start to the year.
50 miles on 1st March is going to be tough, but wrap up warm, keep good company, and enjoy the achievement. I'll be doing 120km on 21st February, helping my friend round whilst trying to make it look easy for me. In my experience, the first few warm days of April or May are the days when there is nothing better than going for a ride on your bike.

Hope your kids are inspired by your bike riding. Hoping that mine will be too!

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Managed 41.5 miles today, rather proud of my achievement, 2 minutes under 3 hours!
Well done .Average 16mph excellent ,if you can do this now the 60 miles in march should be achievable .Just take it steady and enjoy the company but don't race go at your pace.
I think I started riding about the same time as you Sept last year and I currently ride 50 miles and I am trying for a metric century(62m) by the end of march but on my hybrid I only manage 13mph so long time the saddle .Your upgrade to road bike seems to have been a success


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If you can ride like that in Winter, the rest of the year will be easy.

Dont push yourself too hard.
Well 14mph seems to be my sort of average at the moment, we are all a bit slower in winter, I must weigh another 8 or 9 lbs what with extra clothing over shoes lights and batteries (never go out without lights this time of year), thats aside of what the air temp plays its part on colder muscles denser air, it all plays its part in slowing you down, so come the warmer weather you should be doing 15-16mph if not more.
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