Changing Brakepads.... easy job?

Discussion in 'Bicycle Mechanics and Repairs' started by andyfromotley, 6 Jun 2008.

  1. andyfromotley

    andyfromotley New Member

    Otley, west yorks
    Sportif on sunday, need new pads. i am assuming theyre easy to change???

    Thanks andy
  2. palinurus

    palinurus Guru

    Piece of piss usually.
  3. Just make shore that they are pointing into the rim not up or down the pads will last longer.
  4. domtyler

    domtyler Über Member

    I did mine in five minutes yesterday lunch time.
  5. yello

    yello Guru

    A doddle to change. The setting-up after takes longer. All-in-all, a 10 minute job.
  6. dodgy

    dodgy Guru

    Here's what I do, might not be text book but it works for me. Attach the pads but don't tighten them up, pull the brake on really hard (if you're doing the rear, pull the cable near the tob tube instead as it's a bit of a stretch - same effect) and allow the pads to find their flat-to-flat mating position against the rim. At the same time, tighten up the allen bolt again, once they're almost tightened up, loosen the brake and hold the pad with your hand to stop it spinning (doesn't always happen) while you tighten the allen bolt that last little bit.
    I never get pad squeal this way and get excellent modulation. I used to use a toe-in tool (AKA piece of cardboard or plastic) to get a degree of toe-in, but I've never seen the benefit on a road bike).

  7. HJ

    HJ Cycling in Scotland

    Auld Reekie
  8. Plax

    Plax Veteran

    Easy peasy, lemon squeezie.
  9. dodgy

    dodgy Guru

    Why assume they are Vs? It's a Sportive, unconventional to do it on an MTB but entirely possible I suppose :angry:

  10. Mortiroloboy

    Mortiroloboy New Member

    Are you just bolting on brake block holders, with pads in situ, or are you replacing pads in existing holders?

    The latter can be tiresome, especially if they are Campag blocks, but if you are just popping on a complete item then it is straightforward, just ensure you have the pads correctly orientated, so they push against the direction the wheel is rolling, or evetually you'll fire your pads out of the blocks,in a missile stylee:tongue:

    Which Sportive are you riding?
  11. Dayvo

    Dayvo Just passin' through

    Make sure that you put back all the washers, nuts etc. in the right order, and that there are none left over when you've finished.

    Easy peasy, Japanezee!
  12. OP

    andyfromotley New Member

    Otley, west yorks

    Life can be so tiresome!

    Buy pads, fit em,5 mins max. First test - brake cable shears!!!! Still got to get home from work. Nice people at kendal cycles in cas sorted it out for me on the hurry up.

    Thanks for your advice, obv didnt make it clear what a jonah i am.


    Still better it went then than tomorrow coming down greenhow!
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