Changing cassettes


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I have a 7 speed cassette(13-23) taken from an old Peugeot and want to put it on to my Claude Butler hybrid(14-28) with a triple chainset. Would it be worthwhile and would it give me much more speed.The Peugeot had an oval chainset and if I put that on the CB(if it fits) would it work or would it be a waste of time??


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Have a look at this first.
If you are not sure about "gear inches" this will help, or this.

Work out what "inches" the different combinations of cassette & chainring will give you. That will tell you whether it's worthwhile or not.

If the highest gear on the CB is only 90" and you find legs going stupidly fast as you approach 25 mph, then perhaps worth changing to a chainring with more teeth and a cassette with less teeth on the smallest sprocket.

Wether the specific equipment on your Peugeot is compatible with the CB is another whole question.... work out whether it's worth doing first.
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