changing gear wire slrs30 gripshift


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I have shimano revo slrs30 gripshift gear shifters. This is an old secondhand bike. One if the gear cables is very worn, just one thread of wire held in at the end. I have a replacement cable. I am having difficulty taking apart the shifter, I have got it off the handlebar and taken it apart as far as I can but I can't find how to get to the cable end.




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I will add that apart from this its all fine, have been able to adjust everything else and it rides fine. Seemed very likely the brake cable would snap if I rode it any distance however.


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Although I consider myself a competent bike mechanic gripshit have always defeated me. I always manage to lose some tiny but vital pingfarkit before I've figured them out and a consequence I've always ditched them and replaced with second-hand thumb-shifters from the "box of bits".


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I'm not sure it's been a long long time since I've experienced these. (might even have been a different type!)
You should be able to push on the cable to get its head to pop out behind a rubber cover. To replace run the new cable through the opening behind the rubber cover. if you need to remove the plastic cover there is a clip on the bottom side you can push on with a small screwdriver it will pop off. I think on some models there 1 or 2 small screws to remove the cover.:wacko:
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