Charge Knife saddle


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hi m8
i bought one when they first came out put it this way the best 40 quid i have spent but like any saddle each to their own i love mine but you may hate yours if you decide to get one.


jay clock

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Hampshire UK
I have two Charge Spoons and they are excellent if that helps. 112 miles on one of them around Lanzarote and fine. I always avoided these super slim racing saddles but I am very happy with these. One of mine the CrMo and one is Ti - not sure I can tell any difference though!


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Thanks very much guys. I think I'll take the plunge then as they're going for £31 on Winstanley's bikes which seems like a very reasonable price for a saddle like that. I was thinking of getting a Spoon but it's only £10 extra so...
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