Charging cable for Riese and Mullerh

Pale Rider

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Hello. Could I have advise as to an iPhone cable to an Intuvia smart hub......bought a micro usb to lightening cable but it doesn’t fit. Does anyone have advice please? Would really appreciate it.

Many thanks
Which end doesn't fit?

The Intuvia display has a standard USB outlet, although I can't recall if it's a micro or a mini.

Pale Rider

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The bit going in to the intuvia. I have tried two different ones and am getting frustrated. I think the issue is it’s not the “right” gender ... sorry not v techy. Will investigate a mini and Thankyou for repkying
I think it is a micro.

In terms of gender, you need a plug - something that sticks out - which you push into the hole in the Intuvia.

As you may imagine, the plug is called a male, and the socket on the Intuvia is called female.
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