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Has anyone ever completed a long distance multi day charity ride, I have been back on my bike 3 weeks and found myself looking at a Marie Curie ride from top to bottom of Ireland. 5 days decent scenery and a lot of riding for a good cause. This would be next May so it would give me a reason for cycling and real motivation.

There is a minimum fundraising amount of £1400. so just wondering if folk have tried this sort of thing out and what their experiences were?


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hey sounds a good ride and for a great cause
the 1400 quid minimum fundraising for? if you know and could possibly put a link on here please



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I did a 3 day ride from bristol to lands end a few months back, 215 miles ridden in total. I did look into the London to paris etc but it's the minimum sponsorship that put me off. I think it cost me about £100 in total (premier inn, and petrol for my car that my mum drove with our stuff in) and I managed to get over £500 of sponsorship, got to choose my own route, my own speed and when I wanted to stop.

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Yes it's the fundraising aspect actually holding me back. I would love to think I could raise that much but £1450 is a lot.


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I think this is a really useful thread, and thanks to all the respondents. I like the idea of charity rides and I've done a few, if only short (27 mile) ones. I find they force a discipline on me otherwise lacking! The target is good for a bit of training, and on the days when one thinks it all a bit too much bother to go out and train, well, it's now no longer oneself being let down. I do like to think that most of what I pay or acquire from donors is being used directly for the benefit of a chosen charity though.


I think oldfatfool has hit the nail on the head these are great rides but a large proportion of the money goes to pay for your food & accommodation plus admin costs. I am going to look to do some shorter ones and give 100% of the money to our local children's hospice. I still think these longer rides are admirable but not for me at the moment.


That's a rather stupid and one-sided article. I've done the Etape Caledonia twice and have never been under the illusion that it was a charity ride. They partner with a charity which works for both of them. The first time I entered fairly late and got one of the charity places, where as well as the entry fee I had to commit to raise £250 for Macmillan. Later places had to commit to £500.

I have some unease about the whole charity event thing. People going on a jolly, with all of their expenses met from their sponsorship is much more of a problem for me than a commercial organisation partnering with a charity to provide an opportunity for the charity to raise funds.
Many of these rides are just a cycling holiday paid for by your friends, family and sponsors with whatever's left over given to charity. Look for or ask how much goes to the organisers (profit making businesses subcontracted by the charity) and how much goes to the charity. To do it with a clean conscience then either make it clear to each of your sponsors how much of their sponsorship is paying for your cycling holiday or pay that part yourself so that all their money goes to the charity they think they are donating to. Personally I avoid supporting them at all because I think they are a bit of a scam.


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I agree with Red Light above. I recently completed a London - Paris 4 day charity ride and made it clear to sponsors that 100% of their sponsorship was going to charity (approx. £1200 so far). However, I was in the fortunate situation that I could fund it myself which a lot of people are not.
Going back to ulidias point though - I found the experience unforgettable. The route offered something different each day, you were cycling with like minded people, sharing your days experiences in the evening and so on. I signed up for the event on my own but after the 4 days had made many new friends.
Beforehand though it gave my cycling some focus. It made me increase my training mileage, sort out nutrition on longer rides and certainly increased my fitness.
Multi-day events - yes. A positive experience for me.
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