Charlie the Chaffinch


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Sounds like Charlie would do well over in the politics section.
Plenty of contributors can have arguments with themselves.


Started young, and still going.
Here is a picture of a Chaffinch, we have named him Charlie, for the past two days he has constantly been chasing his reflection in our conservatory windows, we scare him away, for his own good, but he keeps coming back, if he keeps this up he will die of exhaustion.
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He is obviously a bit dim, but, he is protecting his territory from the rival he sees in the reflection.


London, UK
Just be thankful its not a woodpecker

Been up to visit my wildlife pal today. His working pickup driver's door is covered in white spots due to a blue tit which lands on top of the mirror and then moves to the window to attack his reflection.
His car has to be moved out of the car shelter every summer due to swallows who nest inside the structure and drop the obvious on top of the car if inside. So far they have not appeared this year but probably still on their way.
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