Cheam and Mordern Hilly 50

The Cheam and Morden CTC Hilly 50 has rightly taken its place among the pantheon of cycling events. Shorter than the Tour de France, and less cobbly than the Paris-Roubaix, it is, nonetheless, the most ridiculous of all the Classics. Last year 190 cyclists made the mistake of riding it. This year we hope that even more will do the silly thing and turn up to Ryka’s car park just north of Dorking on the A24 for the 10am start on Saturday 16th of February.

For those of you who haven’t experienced the delights of the Hilly 50 before, think of it this way – it’s the Tour of the Surrey Hills without the boring flat bits. What goes up inevitably goes down, but, just as inevitably, what goes down will certainly go up. And then down and up again. Ranmore, Leith Hill, Friday Street, that horrible ride up from Ewhurst, White Down and Box Hill crammed into fifty kilometres. How much more fun could you want?

This is a ride for all. Elite riders go round in under two hours, but there will be those who will do it in just under four, and they’ll be smiling as they collapse at the finish.

The Cheam and Morden CTC offer this nugget of joy to all at the bargain basement price of three quid, but, for those cyclists of a parsimonious disposition (and, rumour has it, there are a few) we offer a superduper discounted rate of two quid if you register in advance. You still pay on the line, but, by sending your name, telephone number, CTC number (if you have one) and club affiliation (if you have one) to me at you will simply have to sign against your name, acknowledge the conditions, pick up your route sheet and guide, and then set off to make merry with your little ring.

I look forward to hearing from you

Simon Legg
Cheam and Morden CTC


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£3?; it's worth 3 times the price; a terrific ride, always clashes with something though (in this case work :evil:)
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