Cheap Action Camera for Recording Ride.


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I am looking for a cheap action camera to fix on my seat post to record what's happening behind me. Main requirements are that it should be compatible with GoPro accessories and be able to be recharged while riding.

I do most of my riding on quiet country roads where there is very little traffic. Yesterday I was in one of the local small towns and was turning right into a supermarket. I looked behind and there was a car some distance behind. I move into the middle of the road and signaled clearly I was turning right. The road is very wide at this point and there was plenty of space for any motorist to undertake me safely. Literally, a couple of seconds before I turned the car behind me did a very close pass.

I know having a camera wouldn't have stopped me being squashed, but at least thee would have been some record. Also, I would have been to report the driver to the police.


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Having one which can be charged on the hoof might be difficult, the Go-pro compatible cases may not allow access to the charging port.


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The gopro copy sjcam4000 can be charged while in the waterproof case if you buy this one
and power it off a 5v powerpack
Thanks that looks useful. The reason I want one that I can be charged in use is that many of my rides are 4hrs plus. Can't remember what my Go Pro battery life is, but it's nowhere near that. If it's a relatively cheap camera I wouldn't mind running it outside of a case, provided it can be recharged while running. Obviously, if it's hissing down it would have to be in a case.
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