Cheap exercise bikes: worth it, or waste of time?


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I've been toying with the idea of getting a cheap exercise bike, and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of them.

It wouldn't be used for a hard work-out; the idea is that if I have a long ride in the morning, I could have a gentle spin in front of the TV in the afternoon to stop me feeling stiff the next day.

Rollers / turbo trainers are far too much of a faff, so I was thinking about a very cheap (possibly second hand) exercise bike, or something like this from Lidl.
if rollers or turbo are 'too much faff', then how is lugging one of those contraptions around the house less so..?

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A few years ago I used a cheap exercise bike every morning for about 20 minutes. Headphones on, computer was saying I was doing about 50km each time, I lost 10 KG, with a change of diet also.
Killed the bike, got another one, from Argos, I think, on the 30 pound mark.
Moved house, got rid of the exercise bike for logistic reasons, by that time fancied a real one anyway.
While I had my exercise bike, I enjoyed using it.


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It's a good idea. Though warming down on the actual ride is a good idea also
You can get cheap' light foldaway ones for a few quid these days. Ideal for just to keep the legs spinning.


if you are going to buy a exercise bike buy a new one because when you buy a second hand one you could get one that has the drive belt worn out and will not last much longer


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You can also hang clothes to dry on it. Seems to be what anyone I know who bought an exercise bike ends up doing with it.


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I bought one for about £200 in a sale, before I started any real exercise. It was pretty good with a HRM, magnetic resistance so no belts wearing out, 30kg flywheel so even now theres ample resistance and the computer seems to match up annoyingly accurately with real cycling in terms of speed and mileage. The geometry is a bit stupid and the saddles too wide to pedal on, but you can put normal bike saddles on. Id be tempted to use it again, but I just get so bored even watching tv the exercise bike really seems to drag. Going out for an hour on a real bike I find time always goes so fast, looking at scenery, thinking about road position, visualising traffic movement and pacing myself etc.


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I've never liked exercise bikes - They always feel so unnatural and un-bike-like. Would much rather be out on a real bike.
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