Cheap GPS Watches


I fancy one of those heart-rate monitor GPS watches, but living in Yorkshire, I'm not inclined to pay FitBit / Garmin prices if I can get away with not doing.

I notice that there are several 'Bit-Fit' watches out there on eBay, Amazon and so on. One that has caught my eye is North Edge, who do a watch that at least isn't hideously ugly, and has GPS and heart rate, for under £60.

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of these or others like them - I'm inclined to think it'll be £60 for something that will work either not very well, or for not very long - but then it's probably got the same innards as something more well known brands would charge £150 for, so I don't know.

Thoughts and experiences appreciated.


You tend to get what you pay for /buy cheap buy twice.


All depends if you want something that has 1/2 a chance of being almost accurate. Find a 2rd hand fitbit or garmin or even better an apple watch the latter being most accurate of the lot.
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