cheap parts from ebay??


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Hi Guys,
Im thinking of upgrading my cable disk brakes to hydraulic. I have the auriga comp brakes on another bike and love them.

Looking on ebay ( )

I can pick up a front and rear set for 41.61 with free p+p!

Iwould have to pay more than that for a single brake over here!

Are these goods from tiwan the real stuff?

The seller seems quite legit with a high feedback score
Highly unlikely to be the real thing.
Good feed back ? They almost certainly look like the real thing, hence the good feedback, but who will wait a couple of months to see if they last before giving feedback ?
Brakes are the last thing you want to be taking a chance on.


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I'd expect them to be around that price, so yes probably genuine.
I can pick up a front and rear set for 41.61 with free p+p!
The Ebay link, say postage is $23
Then if you goods get checked by customs (Seems to be a 50/50 chance on my limited sample) Many Ebay sellers mark ads sample or gift, Customs aren't so easily fooled!
Import Duty of around 15% of the purchase price
Handling charge for dealing with customs, £10 - £15
VAT on the total
You can see how your £41 soon heads towards £100. Still a saving and there's a good chance customs won't bother with it, just not the guaranteed bargain you're hoping for.
Also consider if there is a problem at a later date, you will have to deal with the seller, however good they are it's never going to be as easy as with a local supplier.
I'm not saying don't, I buy bike and camping gear from around the world, just work out if it's worth it if you pay the full amount and consider it a bonus if you don't.
I have never ever paid import duty on anything (not to say I won't, so I factor the chances in)

I'd guess they are probably real, and would come supplied "OEM" style

Although I'd be wary of buying anything from someone with a username that loos at first glange to be "hung bowels"
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