Cheap shorts that come up small?

Discussion in 'Components, Accessories and Clothing' started by Joe, 20 Oct 2007.

  1. Joe

    Joe Über Member

    My new commute is a bit too long to ride in my work clothes (as the soreness has proven) so I'm looking to get a few more pairs of shorts. They don't need to be amazingly comfortable as it's only a 15 mile round trip but they do need to be cheap, and small.
    I've tried the £15.99 dhb shorts on Wiggle and whilst they feel like great quality kit for the money, the small is too big for me:sad:
    I have a pair of cheapish Enduras which fit great. I ordered another pair which were supposedly exactly the same and they were too big:wacko: So I'm wary of trying another pair by them if their sizing is so inconsistent.
    And people are always complaining about cycling gear being too small!
    Any recommendations?
  2. Brock

    Brock Senior Member

    Hmmmmm eat more pies? Works for me.
  3. This is why I prefer to visit my LBS and try stuff on before buying. Saves the hassle of having to send stuff back because it doesn't fit, and at various times in the year the prices aren't that different to what's online.
  4. OP

    Joe Über Member

    I spent half my life eating as it is!
    I'm going to pay for it someday I'm sure:sad:
  5. OP

    Joe Über Member

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