Check your cleat bolts!

Today I encountered the dreaded rotating cleat syndrome when trying to unclip, i.e. I couldn't! When I checked, both cleat screws (sorry, wrong terminology in the title ;) ) were barely hand tight, so I've wound them in somewhat, and also tightened my right's shoes' cleat screws as well.
I managed to unclip the other side and stay upright, but if truth be known, now I've tightened them, they've been 'iffy' and unclipping for a while now, I was just ignoring it.
So, probably good practice to give 'em a check once a month, might just save you from an embarrassing spill!
p.s. purely for reference, these are Shimano SPD cleats on Specialised shoes.


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Try using loctite on them.
I would, only when I read about fitting and adjusting cleats (either on here or the CTC forum) they said to Copaslip 'em to stop 'em seizing in place! If they come loose again, Mr Copa is getting scoured off and Mr Loc is taking his place :ohmy: :wacko:
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