cheese and biscuits anyone ?

This so last week.

Funny thiugh
I loved reading the comments on the various websites that ran this about our country is going to pot with all these immigrants who don't know what biscuits to serve.

I do get the impression there's a hardcore of ukip morons searching for any stories and multiple posting to try and convince everyone that they speak for the silent majority!!


The North
first time i seen it , sorry for being so last year and boring you incrowd types who live south of wat(thefook )ford , who live on the net not the road like what we do,

Mad Doug Biker

Bikeoholics Anonymous
Craggy Island
just a thought that crossed my mind , shall think no further of it
We ALL think that, but learned years ago that it is pointless saying anything!! :laugh:

Seriously though, if you haven't seen something then you haven't seen it, simple, no need to say anything really.
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