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I'm up in Warrington in a few weeks time and was thinking of tackling part of the route. Does anyone have a route map they could point me to.


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Assuming it's the same route as last year try the website at seems to have various pages to look at. Just click onto map of route. Doesn't look very clear though,but might give you a rough idea.Hope it helps.
I didn't do the event this year as much of it is my normal training routes and I'm unwilling to pay to ride the roads I do every few weeks anyway
(- it's different doing an event somewhere new)

But a friend was keen to do it and to recce it first, so we rode the route out from Warrington rather than Knutsford, in two halves on two separate weekends - each was a decent distance including the out-and-back to get onto the route.

The routesheets on the Kilotogo website were easy to follow, although of course I knew most of the roads, but not necessarily their names...
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