Chicken flies the coop

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Smokin Joe

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So, the second worst kept secret is blown, followed by the number one worst kept secret.

Is that it? Apart from Astana and the "trust me" b*stard are there any more.

Steve Austin

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Just heard on five live that Rabobank sacked Rasmussen due to him telling them he was in mexico when apparently he was in italy.
If thats true, then its good news, and it shows at least one team is determined to back the authorities and stand by the 'no drugs' policy.
Not sure why they didn't sack him first off, even though he hadn't been caught with anything in his system

Tim Bennet.

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S of Kendal
There's one good thing: At least it proves there is a god, and he's a cycling fan and doesn't like dopers.

But seriously, shouldn't we wait for due process to be done and at least the B sample of his story to be be opened ?

Perhaps not.
Chuffy said:
What do Rabo know, or suspect, that hasn't come out yet? You can't help but wonder.

if his story was that he didn't get the test notice as he was in Mexico and, therefore, with bad postal systems and thousands of miles away, but was in Italy - substantially closer (dunno about the post though), then it's not good. as he's meant to keep the UCI, DCU and, most importantly, his team know where he is, then he's been telling porkies. it puts the team in a bad position and jeopardises the other riders... plus if the UCI and/or DCU find out where he was, then there will be a large smelly stuff/air circulation device interface.

i'm surprises the ASO didn't arrange for an accident with a motorbike today, that would have made it a lot easier.

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