Childrens mudguards for 24" wheel

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Can you get a good set of mudguards for a 24" wheel bike. My daughter is getting a specialized hotrock 24 for christmas.

Many thanks


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Airnimal have 24" wheels, but I think these are for road tyres, so I'm not sure they'd be suitable. After that, I think you're looking at some of these Race Pac Mudguard Set
or similar.
24" are a problem size.

The Airnimal guards are narrow and even the narrowish "Spanky" tyres have problems.

To be quite honest there is only a little difference between 24" and 26" guards - providingthe clearance is OK any 26" guard should be fittable.


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Try your local bike shop - my shop got 24" SKS guards within a couple of days from his normal supplier, they aren't that unusual....
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