chip n lock?


Is there anyway to add a chip to my bike so that I could trace if stolen. In this modern age surely there must be a way to put/plant a small chip....(say in the seat post) to that if my bike was moved I could track via my iphone? I notice there is due for release later this year the skylock which can be linked to an iphone, is there anything like this or similar now?


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Yes. Several different sorts.


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It seems to be a function of pretty much every bicycle orientated kick starter in the last year. Most depend on a mesh of other people using the correct Apps. Alternatively they will need a way of getting on to the internet/mobile network to be of any use. These will probably need a paid for subscription, similar to car trackers. Almost everything out there is set up for iphones so that bit isn't an issue. Bear in mind it's all a trade off, size vs run time vs power. You need something with a decent broadcasting ability if it's to work when the bike is in a shed somewhere being broken in to components for resale on ebay. It needs to have a decent run time if you're not going to be fishing it out to recharge every other day. Unless you're protecting a very expensive bike (and aren't a weight weenie) then I doubt the tech is really here yet.
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