Chips! (not the lardy kind)


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I need some advice. During our recent trip to India, the lovely Liesl sustained a number of small chips on her frame from aeroplanes, coach transfers, nasty roads and one nastier small child who threw a stone. What do I do with the chip marks? Do I have to get them resprayed (in which case, does any bikeshop do it or do I need to send her back to Thorn) or do I put some magic solution on the chips??

Any advice gratefully received!!

Tim Bennet.

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Go to Halfords and see if they have a car 'touch up stick' of paint that is a reasonable match. This will seal the damage.

There's no need for a respray until it really looks a mess and you want it done for 'cosmetic' reasons. They rarely rust from the outside in. Every ten years would still be considered fastidious.

And anyway, touring bikes should wear these things like a badge of honour. Any one's comments about the dings can be brushed aside with a haughty 'yes, she got those in Rajasthan'


"Really? I got mine in Helmand province, Afghanistan. I do so like my touring holidays to be exciting, don't you?." :biggrin:


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All great suggestions, thank you. I shall try my Dad to see if he has any pots of enamal paint!!!! I agree about battle scars, but was worried about rusting!
Bike frame high carbon steel is of much higher quality than car bodywork mild steel as it's structural, so dont worry too much about rust. Agree about bikes carrying their war wounds with pride, its called patina and its priceless.


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5 pounds post ? I've heard about the high post costs from Thorn but that seems a little excessive.
Oh well, I guess that the little can from a model shop is the best answer. They are only about 1.10 each.
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