Christmas Day 2018 diary!


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What a beautiful dog!
Fab Foodie

Fab Foodie

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Today Santa is really twisting my melon man.

Youngest daughter woke up with chicken pox this morning. She’s been sickening for something for two days. Now we know. She’s got a good heart and has renamed it ‘Turkey Pox’ to be seasonal. Poor little scrap.

Santa: I hope your beard catches fire. You horrible, red-nosed basket.
That’s just pants....


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Did you buy those plates at a 1970’s car boot sale? :whistle:


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Dear diary,what a wonderful Christmas day this year.Once again we were in Goosnargh,i don't know how Santa knew we were going over there,with only 24 hours notice he redirected all the presents from Leeds,Manchester and Edinburgh without any extra cost.We all pulled together and gave the old couple a day off.There was more food than we needed,i even had a drink or three two Bucks fizzes and a white wine and lemonade,and i really enjoyed it.Everybody was overjoyed with their presents,so dear diary we might just do it all over again next year..
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