Christmas "traditions"?


In my family we all gather together on the 27th of December. We are scattered across England and have our own Christmasses with our own small units, but we have a big get together two days later. It means there is no trouble with in laws and who goes to visit who, becsuse The Curtains do their party two days later.


I've run away with my friends to..
...New Tealandia
We have a picnic and a flask and go off walking somewhere. The beach this year and last year. We've been to Dovedale (heaving), Winterton, Horsford Woods (a bit brassic that year and it's a mile from where we were living - we walked). Always chips on Boxing day. Hubster's tradition, not mine. I used to go of Drag Hunting with the pony club on boxing day. I am now sans horses and a bit old for the Pony Club.

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It reminds me of the hideous wallpaper I once put up before I reached the age of reason - Marmion will be getting there sometime soon, I'm sure
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